A Resource Package for Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)
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Arnold Timmer

Greg Grimsich

The Elimination of Iodine Deficiency Resource Package for the CEE/CIS and Baltic States brings together a set of experiences from across the region and complementary resources to assist in bringing about the realization of Universal Salt Iodization and the sustainable elimination of Iodine Deficiencies.

To use this resource package there are a few ways to navigate yourself to the resources that can best serve you:

1) The main topics listed on the home page will help direct you to the area your are most interested in (these can also be found at the top of each page of the resource package), subsequent "subtopics" are listed under each topic in the left hand column (eg. Monitoring) and occasionally below the title of the page (eg. Production);

2) The "Index" page contains a list of all pages included in the resource package with links to the page of your choice;

3) Under "Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)" review the questions and answers listed by topic and be guided to the resources that can best help you by using the links;

4) In the top right corner of each page you can click on the "next" (or "previous") button to navigate through the entire sequence of topics in the resource package.

Potential users of this resource package include UNICEF programme managers, legislators and policy makers, salt producers and retailers, civil society organizations, and health professionals who are directly working to eliminate Iodine Deficiency. In addition, persons who wish to learn more about the elimination of Iodine Deficiency and Universal Salt Iodization, particularly in Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States, will find the resource package very useful.

There are many additional resources that can be mobilized to achieve Universal Salt Iodization, often on the internet or on CDROM. For the convenience of the users of this resource package many documents that are available on the internet are also included on this CD ROM.

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8 October 2007


Developed and designed by:
Arnold Timmer, Greg Grimsich and Gaelle Sevenier
Technical input from:
All UNICEF offices of the CEE/CIS and Baltics region, Frits van der Haar, Gregory Gerasimov and Drinold Sema.